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Thoughts On Meditation

Meditation is the technique where you can find the path to your true self, to your soul fire. The process is to open your heart and mind to the higher consciousness within yourself. This takes place when blocks are removed in the mind and emotions…

Herman Rednick wrote over 1500 lessons such as Thoughts On Meditation for his group of students, which began in 1969. Spiritual seekers in the late 60s and early 70s found themselves drawn to this 70-year-old artist and mystic in Taos, New Mexico, for guidance. For these students, Herman began to write each week a short, pithy lesson for meditation. The lessons comprised a great variety of topics from karma to God and to the destiny of humanity. Also included in these lessons are some of Herman’s exceptional meditation experiences: the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the presence of the Buddha at the Wesak full moon, and Herman’s psychic experiences of the life of Christ. Herman also wrote practical teachings for the beloved yoga and for progressing on the spiritual path while living in the world. There are also lessons on contacting the spiritual presence through nature and through the arts.

The Earth Journey, Volumes I through III, presents the entirety of the teachings Herman gave in lesson form — though he had other writings as well. Each book is designed so that no matter which volume the reader first encounters, he or she will meet with the breadth and depth of Herman’s teachings. Each volume also contains an introduction about Herman’s methods, a 52 lesson foundation chapter to provide students with a well grounded and comprehensive perspective, and approximately 50 additional chapters of lessons on a wide variety of topics. There is also from Volume I to Volume III a deepening and sometimes a development of these concepts or themes. Additionally, while Volume I seeks to give the reader a well-rounded foundation in “the work,” as Herman would say, of transformation, Volume II includes his meditations on the life of Jesus, and Volume III offers a more in depth look at the concepts of The Temple and of Tibet.

The great key taught by all the sages, including the Christ, is that the principle of love will open the door to your higher aspect … Thus use a mantra, With a beam of love I touch the heart of my mother, father, sister, brother… (from Thoughts On Meditation)